What to Wear

The clothing you choose is a very important part of planning your session. Find several different looks. Try to find one dressy, one casual and a few things in between. Accessories look great in photos. Bring hats, scarves, boots, etc. If you play a sport, bring the entire setup, uniforms and all. If you play an instrument, feel free to bring it to add to the photos. Tan lines and chipped nail polish WILL show up in portraits. If you are normally clean shaven, shave about an hour before your session. Solids generally photograph better than bright patterns; light colors (especially white), tight fitting tops, and horizontal lines tend to accent weight. Dark colors (especially black), loose fitting tops, and vertical lines have a slimming effect. Avoid drastically changing your hairstyle or color right before your session.

For some inspiration, check out:


When choosing your location, have fun with this and choose somewhere that reflects the personality of you or your family. We can meet at your favorite spot whether it is a park, downtown location or your own backyard. I have a few locations if you get stuck for ideas.


I understand things come up, I will be happy to reschedule your session, the sooner I know the better. If the weather is questionable, I will contact you before your shoot time and discuss alternatives. Sometimes the weather cooperates, and other times we will need to pick a better day.

What to Expect

Your session will take approximately an hour to an hour and a half. I try to make your session fun and relaxing. During your session we will go to the location you have chosen and find some cool spots to shoot at. Do you have a pet? Pets are welcome too as long as the location allows. If we have time we may be able to add another location, but keep in mind your time limit.

*Parents - If you have young children, be sure to bring a snack, non-messy of course. Also try to plan the session after nap-time. Cranky, hungry children are tougher to handle than well rested, well fed kiddos.

*Seniors- Feel free to bring a friend, parent or both to your session.

After the Session

Following your session I will go through your images and pick out the best ones and fully edit a few of these for you. My favorites will show up on my blog and Facebook a few days following your session only if you give permission. You can tag yourself on Facebook if you would like to use those images from your session. These will contain my watermark and I ask that you please do not crop or remove that watermark. Within seven to fourteen days after your session I will send a link for you to view your on-line gallery. You can place your order directly from that gallery.

*Seniors - I will email your yearbook choice directly to your school once you have made a decision.